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Reliable Access To Vaccine Records

AM LLC’s Vaccine Verification Services (AM-V2®) align with the Vaccination Credential Initiative (VCI) to provide individuals with verifiable credentials for the purpose of demonstrating vaccination status for worry-free travel or to safely return to school or work. Our aim is to streamline the development of implementation guides needed to issue, share, and validate vaccination records.

Our Vaccine Care Liaisons will use the following datapoints to verify patient identification for the purposes of obtaining immunization records, transcribing records, and assisting with scheduling vaccine appointments:

AM-V2: Secure and Efficient SMART Health Card Support

AM will provide information on obtaining a SMART Health Card at all vaccination locations when administering vaccine for COVID-19 or other diseases, with the goal of enabling digital access to vaccination records while protecting other sensitive medical information. The AM-V2 service aligns with VCI, which partners with local and state governments as well as the federal government, to make vaccine records accessible regardless of the state where an individual was vaccinated.

SMART Health Cards document healthcare records and clinical data and are available through organizations responsible for safeguarding protected health information: pharmacies, doctors’ offices, and state registries, among others. The cards can be obtained in person, mailed, downloaded, or may be connected to individual health records via an app that supports SMART Health Cards.

Because the AM-V2 service is platform agnostic, a SMART Health Card from any VCI-certified provider can be used to substantiate vaccination status.

SMART Health Cards provide a platform to:

Improve privacy and security of patient information

Make medical records portable

Reduce healthcare fraud SMART HEALTH CARD FRAMEWORK

As vaccine passports become required for travel, return to work, and for admittance to restaurants, sporting events, and clubs, AM provides the easiest way to keep your verified vaccine status at your fingertips in one convenient app.

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