Monoclonal Antibody Treatment Service


AM LLC’s Monoclonal Antibody Treatment Service (MATS) provides guidance, oversight, and support to assist health care providers in effectively and safely treating populations throughout your state.

Monoclonal antibodies are synthetic proteins designed to imitate the immune system’s ability to repel harmful antigens.

Recently, the monoclonal antibody drug sotrovimab (Xevudy) was approved for emergency use by the FDA.

Providers will benefit from the consistent oversight of mobile clinics to establish adherence to best practices by staff, even in extremely
high-volume clinics. To ensure success, our staff will monitor quality assurance, partner with experts,
and provide guidance and support – as indicated in the chart below:

Quality Assurance Oversight

Partnership with Experts

Guidance & Support

Our Program Components include Site Visits,
Chart Review Audits, and Quality Improvement.

Site Visits

Site Visits ensure consistent observation of mobile clinics, the streamlined collection of information to limit disruption to clinic operations, and the provision of immediate feedback to align with best practices.

Chart Review Audits

Chart Review Audits are determined based on the size of the mobile clinic site, verify that data are collected completely and accurately, and provide feedback on charting discrepancies, as needed.

Quality Improvement

Quality Improvement delivers evidence-based interventions in a timely manner. Corrective action is initiated as needed, and provides targeted support to mobile health care providers.

Partnering with AM LLC is Easy


Introduction call for our team to determine your needs, area requirements, where you need gaps filled in your roll out and other individual information that may be pertinent.


Our team will review all of the information we collected and customize a plan for you that includes info on geographic considerations, resources, technologies utilized and more.


We work with you to make modifications to the proposal, discuss sourcing elements and officially collaborate to get your plan moving.