AM LLC works with government agencies, community organizations and not-for-profit entities to address large-scale public health challenges.

Core Services

Our COVID-19 Vaccine Quality Assurance Strike Team (VAX) develops a project management support plan for all vaccine sites in an area and provides continuous support throughout the mass distribution process.

Our Testing Excellence Strike Team (TEST) handles all the coordination, analytical, relational and operational needs of community testing services for COVID-19.

AM specializes in COVID-19 case investigation and contact tracing services.

The AM LLC Difference

AM LLC offers rapid response manpower and resource solutions for vaccine administration, testing and tracing.

Strike Team Model

We seamlessly incorporate staffing, technology, data privacy and program management into one effective solution. Our innovative “strike team” model ensures a rapid response scalable to your needs, with teams selected and trained to meet your local specifications and augment your existing capabilities. Our solution integrates with your existing agency process and technology.

Our AM methodology is built on human interaction and grounded in behavioral science. We understand how difficult it is for public health agencies to collect accurate data from the community and engage local citizens about their own health and behavior. These are delicate conversations, and the challenges are compounded in an environment of public misinformation and mistrust about the pandemic, and how we must deal with it.

Community Based

Elimination of barriers to trust, through building rapport and gaining community buy-in, is vital to successful testing and vaccine management programs. This community-based approach is implemented through relationship building with community partners representing every cohort of the local population. Communication is key: We develop positive messaging for effective engagement of at-risk and vulnerable groups, including minorities, homeless persons, migrant workers and non-English speakers.

Our people make this community-based strategy work. Our proven effective, evidence-based training program was developed by AM's team of public health experts including epidemiologists, clinicians, registered nurses, health informatics specialists and case managers. Our team leaders have managed disease investigation and clinical disease management programs across the U.S. and abroad.

Technology Enabled

AM's technology-enabled platform allows us to accurately track program performance, through data analytics and real-time reporting, which is integrated into an agency’s existing technology platform to meet government requirements. AM upholds the highest standards of privacy protection and data security as outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). AM follows federal, state and county regulations and protocol for privacy and data security.

Additional Service Offerings


As states and counties “reopen” and return to normal operations, we must remain vigilant in preventing new infections and reducing the risk of disease among our most vulnerable citizens. AM works closely with local governments and health departments to provide facts on COVID-19 and help develop policies that will support ongoing preventive measures.


AM delivers targeted contact tracer training through our online learning management system (LMS), Digital Chalk, to provide an automated and geographically dispersed learning platform for staff. Our online learning program is designed to layer the traditional model of contact tracing with modern day methodologies. The content of the training program can also be augmented with modules on additional topics, as needed.


AM maintains a national database of over 22,000 qualified staff with a broad range of experience in healthcare, technology and research. We employ a team of 10 full-time recruiters who can hire over 40 candidates per week, depending on the skill level needed and labor availability in a given market. We regularly screen 400+ resumes per week and have the bandwidth to do 100+ phone screens. We also partner with third-party staffing agencies when needed to augment our internal staff and hit surge goals. In terms of retention and quality of hire, we offer all of our full-time employees access to benefits and paid leave, which we feel distinguishes us from our competitors.