AM LLC Sponsors Tennessee Organization of School Superintendents

AM LLC works with government agencies, community organizations, and not-for-profit entities to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 in America’s K-12 schools

WASHINGTON (September 10, 2021) AM LLC, a public health firm supporting federal, state, and local health departments, along with K-12 partners, to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in their communities, announces a one-year Platinum level partnership with the Tennessee Organization of School Superintendents (TOSS).

“From day one, we’ve been focused on getting schools around the country reopened quickly and safely,” said AM LLC’s CEO and founder, Dan Gabriel. “Now more than ever, school leaders are looking for strong support if they are going to keep their focus on teaching students and not on worrying about COVID-19. We look forward to working with them through this tremendously challenging time.”

AM LLC is already working nationwide with six states, three counties, and numerous public health agencies on testing, contact tracing, and vaccination programs. Well over 100 schools and 53,000 students benefit from AM’s partnership today, with many more in progress.

In Tennessee, just barely into the ’21-’22 school year, five counties have already closed schools due to confirmed outbreaks as well as staffing shortages. Further, the state also cannot adequately pivot to online instruction for kids whose schools have closed making it extremely difficult for these students and their parents throughout the state.

As a platinum-level partner, AM will have the facility to provide program development and advisory assistance with key TOSS members and decision-makers. Beginning Sunday, Tennessee directors of schools will gather for the Tennessee Superintendent Study Council Conference (September 12-15) for meetings and professional development workshops in Gatlinburg where representatives from AM will be on hand to meet with Tennessee’s superintendents.

At the conference and elsewhere, AM will collaborate with county leaders, health advocates, and corporate partners to identify priorities and to ensure that these stakeholders receive timely and accurate information to make appropriate health decisions for their communities.

Counties, states, or K-12 partners that are interested in partnering with AM for COVID-19 mitigation support should contact Dr. Christopher Orlea at


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