AM LLC Secures Key Ally in Fight Against COVID with Bryant Songy Snell in Mississippi

LEESBURG, Va.Dec. 16, 2021 — AM LLC (AM), a public health firm working with K-12 schools, and federal, state, and local health departments, has engaged Bryant Songy Snell Global Partners (BSS) to pursue government affairs opportunities in Mississippi. AM will partner directly with former Governor Phil Bryant and Dr. Laurie Todd-Smith, both of whom bring a wealth of experience and contacts, making them a highly valuable addition to the AM team.

BSS manages business development and government relations activities, providing strategic counsel to clients across a variety of industries, including Fortune 500 companies, trade associations, international entities, and foreign governments.

BSS has a combined sixty years of experience creating strategies and policies to grow companies and help them navigate the political and social environments that shape their industries. They also maintain memberships in a variety of business and political organizations including the International Economic Development Council and the Republican Governor’s Association (Executive Roundtable).

“This is an important relationship for us and for the health status of Mississippians,” said Steve Crim, Chief Government Affairs Officer of AM. “The state had one of the first Omicron patients in the country and that has heightened the urgency. If we are going to make a meaningful difference here we’ll need all the relevant expertise we can get. BSS represents everything we are looking for to help us stay ahead of the virus.”

“AM LLC is a leader in providing public health research and implementing effective management solutions for federal, state, and local governments,” said former Governor Phil Bryant, co-founder of Bryant Songy Snell. “We are proud to partner with AM LLC in helping public health officials meet the challenges of protecting communities through the COVID-19 pandemic. We are looking forward to working with them in this new endeavor.”

AM LLC offers a full range of COVID-19 prevention strategies and solutions for all COVID-19 mitigation phases—contact tracing, testing, vaccination, and program evaluation. Their life-saving services include rapid staff deployment, technology infrastructure set up, stakeholder and community-based organizations collaboration, outreach, and referral campaigns, and data analysis and reporting. AM has a proven track record in the rapid deployment of a well-qualified, highly motivated workforce that reflects the racial, ethnic, cultural, and linguistic make-up of the communities they serve.

Counties, states, or K-12 partners that are interested in partnering with AM for COVID-19 mitigation support should contact Darrin Kiessling at


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