AM LLC Announces Contracts with Two Heartland States to Combat COVID-19

Leesburg, VA (December 13, 2021) AM LLC (AM), a public health firm working with K-12 schools, and federal, state, and local health departments, has been awarded new service contracts in Minnesota and Tennessee. As the Omicron variant takes hold in the U.S., AM will work with local communities to limit the spread of COVID-19 through testing, sample processing, and reporting. They also will ensure that state-wide vaccination sites are safe and running within established safety guidelines.

In Tennessee, AM was awarded an exclusive service contract with the state’s Department of Health (TDH), Vaccine Preventable Diseases and Immunization Program to conduct vaccination site assessments, reviews, and support. AM will assist front-line workers at state-run vaccinations sites and will both recommend and put in place the improvements needed to ensure quality and safety.

In Minnesota, through an award by the state’s Department of Health (MDH), AM will open and operate community pop-up COVID-19 testing sites throughout the state and in vulnerable population settings (e.g., retirement and group homes, schools, other child settings, etc.). AM will also process the test samples and report the results back to MDH and other stakeholders.

“We are not out of the woods yet on COVID-19 and demand from states across the country tells us there is still concern about existing variants like Omicron and the possibility of new ones,” said AM LLC CEO and founder, Dan Gabriel. “Fortunately, our strength at AM stems from having successfully reduced the overall effect of the virus with strategies like testing, and contact tracing. We are in a strong position to bring the worst aspects of this pandemic to a close.”

AM offers a full range of COVID-19 prevention strategies and solutions for all COVID-19 mitigation phases—contact tracing, testing, vaccination, and program evaluation. Their life-saving services include rapid staff deployment, technology infrastructure set up, stakeholder and community-based organizations collaboration, outreach, and referral campaigns, and data analysis and reporting. AM has a proven track record in the rapid deployment of a well-qualified, highly motivated workforce that reflects the racial, ethnic, cultural, and linguistic make-up of the communities they serve.

Counties, states, or K-12 partners that are interested in partnering with AM for COVID-19 mitigation support should contact Dr. Christopher Orlea at


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